We trust in God through all of life’s challenges, and do our best to follow the example of Jesus Christ, God’s son and mankind’s redeemer. We believe the New Testament church serves as the example for our lives together as a church family, as well as showing us how we should be a light to those around us to draw others to Christ. We seek to be a congregation that worships and lives according to the scriptures.

Our Family

Just like so many of the congregations in the New Testament, we are a very diverse family. Folks from all walks of life serve and worship with us. Because of our diversity, we strongly emphasize unity, love, and the importance of treating each other like family. If you are looking for a Bible-focused, Christ-centered church where you can serve God and others, and where you can be loved and encouraged, you have come to the right place!

The Lord’s Church

Here are some examples of what you will find that we and the Christians of the 1st century church follow:

    • The Church is the body of Jesus Christ. Jesus is the leader and the head of the body of believers, the Church (Ephesians 1:22-23).

    • We do not follow the teachings / creeds of men but only keep to that of the Bible, the inspired word of God (1 Thessalonians 2:13).

  • We recognize that we all are sinners. God speaks that all have sinned and fall short of His glory (Romans 3:23). We must repent of the sins of our former life.
  • His word tells us in Acts 2 and Romans 6 that we must be united with Him through baptism into his death to be freed from sin and have God’s forgiveness for our trespasses through the blood of his Son which was shed on the cross (Ephesians 1:7).
  • We are called Christians because we wear the name of our Savior Jesus Christ just as the 1st Century New Testament Christian (Acts 11:26).
  • The example of love and forgiveness that Jesus gave is what we strive to be like in our lives by forgiving each other from the heart (Matthew 6:14).
  • As we go through life we have fellowship together and a singleness of heart (Jeremiah 32:39). We seek to do God’s will with gentleness in bringing others to Christ.