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Our site is here to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information about the Dixon Church of Christ in Dixon, MO.  The goal is to make our site a useful tool for those that wish to know more about this congregation, the Church, and God’s Word.  Below is some additional information regarding this site:

Responsive Design

Our Site - WorkThis site uses a responsive design.  That means the site is designed to work equally well with web browsers on desktop or notebook computers, tablets and smart phones.  Every effort has been made to ensure compatibility with modern web browsers on these hardware platforms.  The major differences between these various platforms is the way menus and images are presented.  Menus are collapsed for tablets and smart phones.  In addition, images are re-sized when necessary for smaller screens.  Please keep in mind while this design should be accommodating to most devices there could be some minor incompatibilities arise with older or less common web browsers.

Home Page

Our home page is designed to allow for quick loading over various connection speeds.  The sliders that are present can and do get updated from time-to-time.  These sliders are also clickable since they are linked to the indicated page. All the other pages for our site can be accessed via the menu that is available on the home page.  All menu items will have pages associated with them, including the top level menu items.

Links to Other Sites Behavior 

ScriptureHooverExampleOur Site - Links to Other SitesLinks to other sites and sometimes even to other pages on this site normally open in a new tab in your web browser.  The reason for this behavior is that we want to make sure you can find our site back, especially if you access the resources or one of the studies that we provide links to from this site. The links on our site are green in color. References to verses in scripture will also appear to be green, however they will behave slightly different.  If you hoover over the scripture reference with your cursor (or touch once on a touch device) the referenced scripture, or  part of it, will be provided via a pop-up on the site.  If you choose to read more of it, you can click on the more link in the pop-up to bring the scripture text up in a new browser window.

Directions and Maps

Directions and maps to the Dixon Church of Christ in Dixon, MO, are provided through the use of Google Maps.  While every effort has been made in regards to accuracy, we cannot control how Google Maps works or behaves in regards to any directions or maps that are provided in relation to the Dixon Church of Christ.  If you desire to use another site for directions or maps, you can find our address here.

No Advertising Policy

The Dixon Church of Christ does not solicit or accept any advertising on this website.  The site is provided freely through the work of this congregation.  We do not wish to blemish the message with any appearance of teaching for monetary gain (I Timothy 6:3-5).  The links we provide do go to sites that are supported by advertising.  The Dixon Church of Christ in no way endorses or supports any of this advertising and has made every effort to not link to sites with questionable ads.

Comments, Questions, or Problems about this Site

Our Site - Comments, Questions, or ProblemsIf you should have any comments, questions, or experience any problems with this site we want to hear from you.  You can reach us via the contact page.  We will do our best to answer you in a timely fashion.

Thank you for visiting the Dixon Church of Christ website!